Friday, 3 August 2012

Fashionably Early

An interview with Kate Shaw about Fashionably Early,

A national fashion exhibition opening GAD Gallery of Australian Design.

None of our garments are in this video but we are taking part in the exhibition.

It runs from 08/08/12 to 15/09/12

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Handmade Market

We have had an idea for a long time about diversifying our product and we have come up with the idea of 'The Scarf Project'. We want to produce quality, interesting unisex scarves that will hopefully reach a larger audience.

To test out this idea and give ourselves another deadline we decided to take a stand at The Handmade Markets first fashion only market. This was held at The Convention Centre in Canberra a couple of weekends ago and was a really fun day.

This was also a bigger debut into colour and trims for us and the market worked really well as a way to gain feedback about our ideas.

Below are images of the preparation and the day of the market.

Our adventures into colour
Scarves that we have pieced together

Wheeling our racks to the market
Another of our solvi scarves

Felt ball necklaces
An overview of our racks in the studio



We wanted to give you guys a sneak peak at our Summer 2012/13 collection. The photoshoot went really well - thanks Scot, Navchaa and Dan. The Wearer's Right was a bit slow but we met so many great people and had a great response to the collection. Hope you enjoy it. This collection was quite different for us as we used a lot more colour. It was stressful trying out new ideas but I think it paid off and we ended up with a cute and fun collection. Production is about to get underway so hopefully we don't get too grumpy on here!

Monday, 12 March 2012

Our stand at The Wearer's Right are a few photos of our stand all set up at The Wearer's Right

Finally everything in place

Cesca hanging out at our space

The perfect flower that cesca searched Melbourne for.

Gemma pulling a stupid face and being odd as usual!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

The Wearer's Right

The day has come very quickly when we have to pack our bags and head to Melbourne for The Wearer's Right. It's a stressful morning trying to fit everything into our suitcases and then of course when we get to the airport our plane is delayed for two hours!

When we finally arrive in Melbourne we head to The Thousand Pound Bend in Little Lonsdale St where the event is held. The space is a really cool warehouse out the back of a very trendy cafe/bar.

For once we manage to set up our stand in under 8 hours...this was mainly due to the fact that they only allowed 4!

Oh well, all is done except steaming so we are off to our hotel for a quick sit down and then we are heading out to check out an Independent Runway show at Melbourne fashion week, we're pretty excited and will let you know how it goes.

Monday, 5 March 2012

'DAN' Photoshoot

Ahhh!! We have a photo shoot tomorrow. Feeling very unorganised but we have the following:

- Photographer
- Studio booked
- Make up/Hair
- Model
- Clothes

Very intrigued to see what the collection will look like. Only one more least we get to sleep!

We will post photo's soon.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Designing the collection called 'DAN'

For all our talk of becoming more organised it never seems to happen. After deciding not to do a trade show this season we then changed our minds and decided to do 'The Wearer's Right' showroom which was three weeks we are suckers for punishment!
This decision was partly made as a way of giving ourselves a deadline which can be a good thing but we have now given ourselves only two weeks to design in..our tightest design time yet. To cut ourselves some slack we decided not to design from scratch as we normally would but to work from past designs that have been successful, so the design process becomes about refining.
Keep posted to see how we go!

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

'Box of Ku'


So we are running behind schedule again (not a surprise unfortunately!) but at last here are some photos from our winter collection 'Box of Ku'.

The beautiful photos were taken by Yie Sandison, our awesome model is Navchaa Tumurbaatur and makeup was done by Linda West.

The pieces are available now through our stockists and you can visit our website, to view the full collection and check out our stockists.

Hope you enjoy as we are very proud of our 'Box of Ku'.......


Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The Wearers Right

Our 'Box of Ku' stand at The Wearers Right.

For the winter selling season we took our collection 'Box of Ku' to a new trade show The Wearers Right. This is were we get to meet the boutique owners who stock our garments.

Due to the retail market its been quite a slow season but despite this we had a really great time! Trade shows are our time to mingle with fellow industry workers, meet the people behind the labels we admire and talk to like minded people who share the same problems as us.

Every time we come away from a trade show we get blown away by how many lovely people work in the fashion industry and what a bad reputation it has.

We met Masayo Yauki from Dogstar...
... and got excited about
well designed accessories.

Francesca's promo piece was in a photo shoot,
but we don't know what for?
So secret even the designers aren't told.


Okay, so as promised here is our next blog... patience is a virtue.
We wanted to backdate to the August photoshoot we had for our Winter 2012 collection titled 'Box of Ku' which is now store. The photoshoot took place in Sydney, we live in Canberra which created a last minute logistic headache but it was well worth it. This was the second photoshoot we had done with Yie Sandison. The collaboration was so successful the first time we were ready to try it again.

Everything was going as usual, our designing time was really tight so we were sewing up until the last minute (literally while our model and driver were packing the car - and yes, as ridiculous as it is neither Cesca or I drive, so Cesca's lovely sister, Till, drove us to the shoot). Hair and makeup started early in the morning with Cesca and I trying to figure out how to wrap Navchaa's (model) head in 4mts of fabric. How do you turn any idea into reality...that can endure garment changes...and quickly?

As we started setting up for the shoot we were extremely nervous as we hadn't actually seen the pieces all together or even realised what we had designed because the process happens so quickly. Luckily we had a team of professionals who enabled the magic to kick in. Thanks to Linda West, who did the make up, Navchaa our amazing model, Yie and her side kick Gordon. Also to the people who can calm you down and do important things like get coffee and stand in as the model for the test lighting - thanks to all these people who put up with us!

Below are some backstage photos taken by one of our friends Suzan that capture all of our worried looks perfectly.